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Address of Incident:

A specific address will help us to create a map of coyote incidents.

Incident Types:

Known Food Source - Any food left outside, e.g., pet food, squirrel feeders, compost piles, garbage, edible plants, etc.

Observation - Act of noticing or taking note of tracks, scat or vocalizations (howling).

Sighting - A visual observation of a coyote(s) (view from car or home).

Encounter - An unexpected direct meeting between human and coyote(s) with no physical contact and no aggressive behavior on behalf of coyote.

Conflict - Meeting between human and coyote that results in direct contact or one of the following types of aggressive behavior: growling, baring teeth, lunging, scratching, or biting a human.

Pet Interaction - Pet is physically contacted, bitten or killed by a coyote.

If there was direct physical contact between a pet or a person please contact our Animal Services dispatch line at 919-932-4948.